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MKUKI KWA NGURUWE! A radio drama about living positively with HIV

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Mkuki kwa Nguruwe... Kwa Binadamu mchungu!

This Swahili proverb says,
"Its nice to throw a spear at a pig, but painful when thrown at you."

In English we might say,
"Do to others as you wish them to do to you."

Positive Voices is a local creative radio project aimed at lowering the stigma, misconceptions and fear surrounding HIV/AIDS and TB in Iringa region in Southern highlands of Tanzania.

The project has created a radio soap opera revolving around the lives of a group of young people living in the fictional village of Kisonzo. Listeners follow the ups and downs of their lives, in which is reflected the inevitable impact of HIV/AIDS and TB. The idea is to change the way people think about HIV and TB through an entertaining drama that addresses topics that are difficult for people to talk about openly.

The Positive Voices project however, is not just about getting the message out over Iringa airwaves. Community outreach and appropriate technology also play an important part in the project. The project has set up 14 listener groups in rural areas, through youth groups set up by SPW youth volunteers living and working in the villages.

With the addition of small, cheaply produced solar panels, the listener groups are able to listen to the show every week without the prohibitive cost of batteries!

Project Goals

Positive Voices aims to 
(1) lower stigma of people living with HIV/AIDS and TB in Iringa
(2) educate on living positively with HIV/AIDS and TB 
(3) educate on locally available treatment of HIV/AIDS and TB 

Vicky, an SPW Youth Talent, acting the part of Anna

Positive Voices is a special project implemented by Students Partnership Worldwide (SPW) Tanzania and funded through CARE International through the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

SPW Tanzania

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