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MKUKI KWA NGURUWE! A radio drama about living positively with HIV

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SPW Tanzania is a youth-led youth-focused organisation. SPW envisions a society in which young people are valued and contribute to the development of their community.

Positive Voices is a local community-based radio project aimed at young Tanzanians.

SPW Talents in the studio

Our Staff

The Positive Voices project is based at the Municipal Youth in Iringa town. The project is implemented by a diverse group of local people.

Project Coordinator, Felicity Thompson

Assistant Coordinator, Ibrahim Ngwada

Soap Opera Script Writers, Allen Kilewela & Amina Seif

Radio Presenters, Raymond Chalii & Felicity Thompson
Audio Editing & Production, Felicity Thompson


The Actors

The radio soap opera is performed by the SPW Talents, a group of young talented Tanzanian performing artists.

Salum Mativilah
Lucy Ngailo
Hamidu Mkwinda
Vicky George
Daudi Kabard
Jose Ngonyani
Ruth Isaak
Subira Kalolo
Sharifa Msungu
Yassini Mussa
Chidole Mkuchu
Tufeli Kiombile
Faraja Mdota
Said Dizele
Majaliwa "zungu"

Where are we based? / Tuko wapi?

Iringa Municipal Youth Centre
Kituo cha Maendeleo ya Vijana